Thursday, 29 November 2007


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Tiny little FO!

Its one of the Feline DimSum from Knitty and I made it for my sister's boyfriend's cat (talk about convoluted!). The cat's anme is Cindy and she is lovely. Matt (yep, we've both picked blokes called Matt) kind of adopted her, or did she adopt him? She was a stray anyway. She only has a little stubby tail - I think she lost it in a car accident.

Anyway, whatever, the cat is cute, and Matt loves her, so I wanted to make her a little toy to add to his christmas present. I made her the egg roll before, but it was quite big, and she is only little. So i made the wonton. Yes, there is catnip in it.

Soph said Cindy likes things on string, so I need to get some ribbon to tie it to.

Just for info the yarns used were Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere and some random liliac acrylic - I think left over from Eeeyore.

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