Thursday, 5 March 2009

ipod cosy pattern

So I thought I'd write up the pattern for the ipod nano cosy. Its a very simple pattern but it works really well, and might save others having to work it out. It will also give people a good starting point to modify and play with this basic design (I'm thinking cables, but they wouldn't be as stretchy, so that needs some thought).

The key to this pattern is the ribbing. I made ipod cosy 2.0 for a friend at work, who was simply amazed by the stretchyness, and the fact that it returned to its shape (I want to stress that this guy is not a knitter!). This is the reason the cosy works, you don't want your nice shiny ipod coming out of its cosy in your bag and getting all scratched up, so it needs to be snug.

I've used two different brands of standard weight sock yarn, 2.0 was knit with Opal, which gives you a good idea of the kind of yarn to use. Bascially this will work with any sock yarn leftovers.

Cast on 24 stitches (fairly loosely) and divide between 3 needles.

Join, being careful not to twist, then (K2, P2) and repeat across all three needles. One row done!

Repeat this until the cosy measures 9 cm (or until you can fit your ipod in).

Next row, K1, K2Tog, K6, SSK, K2, K2Tog, K6, SSK, K1 (22 Stitches remaining)

Next row, K all stitches, rearranging as you go to end up with 11 stitches on each of 2 needles.

You are then set up to graft the end, just like sock toes. Some people don't like Kitchener Stitch, but this is a good pattern to practice on if you've never attempted it before. Lots of people have written good instructions, I have linked to two below. The key is to sit somewhere quiet and tell anyone you live with not to bother you until you have finished! Any grafting errors in my knitting have always been caused by me loosing concentration and the wrong moment!

For a video tutorial, scroll down to the "Finishing" Section

Enjoy, I'd love to see any resulting cosies!

ETA: the pattern is up on Ravelry, but I'm not linked to it yet. Find it here:

ipod cosies


Kate said...

That's really cute. :-) MrB has the same model iPod, but he's always scoffed at the idea of a cosy. Maybe I'll sneakily make one. I just think it would be quite cool to have cosies to match his knitted socks! :-P

tinebeest said...

Oh yes, that's a brill idea, Kate! Matching socks and iPod cosy :-)

Might try this one out myself, as my iPod is not 100% secure in my crocheted cosy.