Thursday, 21 May 2009

Japanese Dying 2

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After doing the hanky I couldn't resist doing this towel too! All Japanese hand towels are this size and shape.

Japanese Indigo Dying

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This is the hanky I dyed in Japan. I'm probably going to frame it and put it on the wall.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Yarn yarn yarn yarn...

So, I'm back from Japan. It already feels like a distant memory :-( It was absolutely fantastic, and we are still sorting through the photos. Or would be if we didn't both have the ill.

I did some crazy yarn buying while I was there. In Kyoto I went to Avril (known as Habu everywhere else) and bought some of thier yarn with stainless steel so I could make Sea Tangles
It was a cute little shop, with people sat around knitting. There was lots of lovely yarn, but it was all quite pricy. Of course, I forgot to check how much I needed, and what the yarn was called. But MAtt encouraged me, so with the help of the phrase book I got the message across. I ended up buying two 100g cones of grey and one of black... when I got back to the hotel I found out I only needed about 90g for the jumper! Doh!


In Japan they seem to sell yarn by the gram quite a lot, so once I had said how much I wanted I had to wait while it was wound by a machine for me! Quite cool. It was VERY expensive. Lets not got there...

On the cheaper side I found one of the fantastic 7 floor craft stores was having a Noro sale, so I got 2 balls of the kureyon sock yarn for half the price you get it in the UK.