Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Casting on socks

So, I have to spend the evening in a hotel by myself tomorrow night. I HATE hotels and I HATE being in them by myself. So I obviously have to take some knitting to do. There isn't much left to do on my Calorimetry, so I am going to cast on a sock tonight. I finished its friend ages ago, so it will be nice to have a pair!

I hate casting on for socks. I always have to do it a number of times. The main problem is the joining bit - I often end up with a gap, which is annoying. Do most people cast onto one needle and then redistribute?


Aberdonian said...

It varies depending on my mood. Sometimes I cast on one needle and redistribute and sometimes I just cast on the DPNs directly.

There are a couple of things you can try to help you join the round without too much of a gap. You can try casting on one more stitch that necessary and then knit the first stitch of the round and the last stitch together. What I do personally is knit the first three stitches of the round holding the yarn as well as the tail from the cast on together, making sure those first stitches are quite tight.

Alice said...

toe ups!