Saturday, 6 February 2010

Natural dyeing

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A few weeks ago I dyed up the really cheap sock yarn I got from Lidl ages ago. The logwood at the bottom turned out the best. The middle is madder powder, so not at impressive as the madder bark I used a while back. The top is also supposed to be a red but.... yeah. Thems the breaks with natural dyeing!

Not sure what to do with this as the yarn is a workhorse yarn, and very rough and ready. I'm knitting the logwood up into a shawl as I like the colour, but it is rough! The other colours aren't really my thing, but I can't sell it.


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I finished these socks a little while ago and they are lovely. The pattern is Paraphernalia and is really nice. One word of warning, the pattern doesn't have any finished dimensions, and it was only by luck that I didn't follow the pattern to the letter - they'd have been knee length! But without calf shaping. Other than that small niggle I'm so pleased with them.

The yarn is Dream in Color Stardust, an "experimental" yarn. Subtley sparkly, and such a gorgeous colour. The yarn was nice to knit with, although was occasionally a bit thin, I got the feeling it was overspun at those spots. Can't tell in the finished object though. The yarn was a gift, which made them extra special to knit.