Saturday, 10 November 2007

knitting bag

knitting bag
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No more post from me this weekend I promise! I'm too ill to do anything aother than hunch over my laptop midlessly surfing the web you see.

Anyway, there is a point to this post. I find my knitting kit bag to be unsatisfactory. Which isn't very surpriseing as it was a freebie from Simply Knitting.

You can see my crochet hooks have a bit of elastic to hold them in place, but it doesn't work. Everything else just floats around and falls out when I open it.

In my kit-bag I have:

- a couple of crochet hooks
- two wheels of pins (which I rarely use!)
- stitch holder holding my beaded stitch markers
- needle holder (another freebie from SK)
- little pot of plastic paper-clip style stitch markers
- needle guage
- tape measure
- Burts Bees hand salve
- emergency plaster for when the sock knitting kills my finger.

Oh, there is usually a small pair of scissors in there too. Where the hell are my scissors?! I also have a small row counter which is currently tied to my sock.

So, any suggestions for a new knitting kit bag? preferably one with a few separate pockets to stop things becoming a big jumble. I also have another tape measure, a big row counter you hang round your neck and some needle protectors that could take up resisdence.


m.o.M. said...

I feel your pain! I'm using a clear travel toiletries bag that has pockets of differing sizes; one is zippered. I like it because I can see from the outside what's in there (and what's not!) when I need something. This may not be a good description, but I can send you a pic if you wish!

Good luck.

Super Monkey said...

I use a Bagsmith tool tote. The top pouch zips up, but the bottom part just has velcro flaps, so if you actually want to carry it around with you then I don't recommend it as stuff falls out. Mine is just for in the tree house though, so I have it hung on the wall by the hook. Nubbin falls out and I always know where it is.

And looking at it now, I've just worked out the point of the sideways flap next to the two press studdy bits. Circular needles. Doh!

Anyhoo, Get Knitted have them.