Monday, 12 November 2007

Knitting in Public

Craft corner
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Since the main part of this post had no photos I thought I'd show you where I store most of my crafty things. Its a bit messy at the moment! Its a lovely wood storage unit from Ikea. In the top cube the two drawers have all my needles and other bits and bobs. The cube with the door has my bag of odds and ends of yarn, plus a big bag of the dreaded eyelash yarn. The bottom set of drawers has my sewing kit in the top drawer and the bottom drawer has my collinette stash from Hayley. The open cubes have my crafting tin, a bag with Sheldon in, a plastic crate for yarn and a bag kit.

So Knitting in Public.

I don't do it very often, but those of you who read my livejournal will know about my nightmare train journey back from Sutton Coldfield on Thursday. I got my sock out on the train from New Street to Reading. It was a fabulous move! I got a few rows done, and then the man next to me got off. After the train got going again the lady opposide me lent over and said "are you knitting a sock?".

I had its pair in the bag with me so I showed her the finished object and she was amazed. She thought I should make them to order and sell them! LOL. I didn't bother to explain how long they take me to do! But it was lovely, because after we had a chat about knitting we started chatting about all sorts of things, which made the journey go so much faster.

So hooray for KIP! I shall try and do it more often.

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dianehk on Ravelry said...

Saw the post and pic on Ravelry re: storing yarn.

I like your set-up. I looked on the Ikea website but can't figure out which storage system you've got there. Can you help?