Friday, 7 December 2007

Peacock Jaywalkers

peacock sock 4
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No, I haven't finished the dreaded scarves, yes I have started socks...

I'm knitting the Jaywalker pattern with some Opal Rainforest yarn some friends gave me. The colourway is "Pfau" (Peacock) and honestly? I'm not sure I like it.

The pattern seems good though. However, you can probably spot the not so deliberate mistake in teh photo. I messed up the placement of the double decrease in the middle of the first needle for quite a few rows. I blame Spooks (it was gripping) but its odd I got it wrong on that needle only - repeatedly! I decided to leave it in as I can't frog socks very well, and they are for me. The colour is a bit suspect anyway...

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Aberdonian said...

I think they are lovely! Jaywalker is a really nice pattern and shows off so many yarns beautifully.