Sunday, 25 November 2007

Dragonfly Scarf

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Well I finished my "Dragonfly Scarf" just in time to take to my Parent's house on saturday. Thats thier front door. Rather unflattering picture. You can see some close up shots on Ravelry, but they aren't very good pics in themselves so haven't posted them here.

I used Patons Art yarn in Dragonfly which I got 3 balls of as a gift for my birthday back in march. It was a bit short with 3 balls but I emailed the shop in Beeston where it was bought and they had some in stock so send me an extra one. If you are interested a kind soul also tracked it down to MCA Direct on the interwebs. I spent HOURS looking for it, I am a numpty.

Anyway, I used the Yarn Harlot's "one row scarf" pattern which is an interesting rib. It has produced a very heavy, warm scarf. Certainly one for winter!

I'm glad I didn't compromise and went for the 4th ball.

If only the christmas scarves were knitting up as quickly!

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