Sunday, 8 June 2008

My poor, neglected blog

Hello knit blog!

Well, Flicca is taking me an age, and with all the sport on the telly at the moment I haven't been knitting much (I like knitting infront of the TV - but I don't like sport! We only have one TV).

I have instead been doing more reading. I'm half way through the Night Watch Trilogy by Sergei Lukyanenko. Its kind of trashy but cool nevertheless. Its certainly ticking my fantasy-but-not-sword-and-sorcery-quest-epics boxes at any rate. I have read half of the 2nd book (The Day Watch) just today (lets see, it was Moto GP, Tennis, Football, Formula1, Cricket, and now more football....) so when I popped into Farnborough (more on that in a mo) I went into WHSmiths, and luckily they had the 3rd book there on the shelf... hurrah!

I went to Farnborough as it is my nearest ASDA, and there were rumors on Ravelry that they were selling foam jigsaw pieces that could be used as a blocking board for cheapness. They were! I got one pack, but nearly bought 2... but I don't do lace and just wanted an alternative to covering the floor in towels, which get soggy. So £9 bought me a "noughts and crosses" board of 9 tiles that make nearly 1m square.

As for actually knitting, well Flicca is progressing. The back and fronts are blocked and dry and I'm on the 2nd sleeve.

flicca back

Matt's socks are still in limbo, although they are further along than when this pic was taken:


Sheldon has returned! He was on holiday with my mum as she can actually crochet, and was going to do a few more rows on his shell-bottom for me. She visited yesterday for a trip to a Silk shop in Guildford, and returned him. So I need to try and master the i-cord join thing that defeated me before.

Sheldon in process

So I think once Flicca is done I shall finish poor old Sheldon, then tackle Matt's socks (they are just so dull, he wanted PLAIN socks, so they are red and stst...).

After that I must knit up my Zak and Sara into socks for ME! I'm currently thinking Bellatrix or Slip-up socks - any thoughts?