Saturday, 22 December 2007


Hooray! I have YARN!

Lovely, lovely yarn. This is Rowan Big Wool in Bohemian, for the tank top I posted about the other day.

The colour is a bit more orangy than I thought, and has that 2-tone effect that didn't come across in any of the photos online... but I'm sure it will be fine. I need more colour in my wardrobe.


Also, I knit another christmas scarf in one evening. I used one skein of Sirdar Vegas and 15mm needles to make a lacy scarf for Ben's girlfriend. Ben is Matt's brother and he has been in Oz and New Zealand for 2 years, and is back for christmas, bringing his girlfriend! So I've never met her but have made scarves for other people so thought I should. I think this will work, as I didn't want anything bulky as a) she has to take it back to New Zealand with her and b) its summer down there! This is definitely a fashion scarf rather than a keeping warm scarf. Please excuse the nasty picture of me...

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Elizabeth said...

Oh that's pretty wool. My mum mentioned that she has some Big to give me. I'll have to poke her will I'm down here.