Sunday, 30 December 2007


The Bohemian V isn't going well at all. The main bits knitted up really fast, the yarn is lovely and all was generally well. The pattern was quite badly written and I had to re-write it but other than that (and the sizing issues) I was happy.

I even used the iron to steam block it.

Now though it is all going horribly wrong. I have just spent 2 hours in total silence sat on the floor picking up 111 stitches. I thought it looked OK until I started to knit them, and I think they look terrible.

I'm not entirely sure however, as 111 stitches with such fat yarn is rather a lot and the whole thing is horribly squished. This clearly needs a cicular needle, but I don't have a 9mm circ and the pattern didn't suggest it so I didn't buy one. I would have ordered one with the yarn had I realised.

*sigh* this has gone froma "yay!" project to a suck project in a remarkably short space of time. all I can do is persevere and see what it looks like at the end I guess...

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Alice said...

is that just because its ribbing, and ribbing always takes a few rows to go from urgh to yum?