Friday, 28 December 2007


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I have finished the back of my v-neck! Hurrah.

I had terrible dilemmas about the sizing. I measured myself and was 36in across the bust, so was going to make the size 12, but the finished size was 43in! Which seemed ENORMOUS, and I didn't want it to be baggy. I posted on LJ about it and got lots of advice. One person was also a 36 and had frogged the 12 as it was huge. Apparently it was also almost knee length. So I cast on for a size 8, but after about 20cm decided it was going to be too tight at the ribbing, so frogged that and went for the size 10. I Think its going to be OK....

As mentioned earlier, I did spit-splicing for teh first time. which rocks. I used water though.

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