Wednesday, 28 January 2009


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Yet another finished object! Shledon has been languishing for some time. First the crochet beat me, and he had to have a holiday to mym Mum, which did that bit for me (she even tried to teach me). Then the i-cord join beat me and he sat in a bag for a while. After finishing the socks I got him out again. I tried the i-cord AGAIN but I just don't get it. So I just sewing up up.

I'm glad I did as he is quite happy, and Matt has already adopted him. Here he is in his new home:



Kate said...

He's just adorable. :-) He has a useful look about him as well, as if he'd fetch you a pencil if you needed one. Albeit very slowly!

Nettie said...

Fab :o) I want one!

Aberdonian said...

Sheldon is very cute indeed!

tinebeest said...

there is a video tutorial on the Knit Picks site to put an I-cord border on a baby blanket. Might that help?

GOK said...

Awwww so cute!