Sunday, 25 January 2009

My Flicca

So, I finally completed Flicca, so I guess I should post about it properly!

The pictures aren't that great, its not the best time of year and every weekend it seems to be raining or I'm simply not at home, so catching the daylight is proving tricky!



So, I used the recommended yarn, Sirdar Click Chunky in merlot, a really nice burgandy colour. I found getting guage really difficult and went up a needle size. I was still too tight, but decided to knit the size bigger than I thought I needed (I have forgotten the size now!) and stick with one the one size up. I'm glad I did as it would have been quite aloose knit fabric if I had gone up again.

The pattern was pretty straight forward. I knit the two front pieces on the same needle so they would match, which was a great plan. I also narrowed the sleeves - they are still quite wide!

Overall I'm happy with the way it came out. I have worn it and had it admired. However, the sizing seems a little off. I find that it is very big around the hips and small across the shoulders. This is odd as I am a definite pear shape - with large hips and a small bust, so I usally find the opposite! If I were to ever tackle this again I would look at making the shoulders wider. As it is the collar is wide so fills in the gap a bit - but that means it isn't doing its job as a collar and ends up lying flat.

The yarn is good. Well priced for a knit this size - can you imagine the cost if it were knit in pure wool?! Should also means it is easier to care for, which is important for something so big. It has wool in it so feels nicer than pure acrylic. I missed being able to spit splice though!!

So there you go, completed flicca.

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