Sunday, 25 January 2009

Birthday knitting

So, as I posted the other day, the Clapotis was finished! Soph seemed to love it so thats good. I also made her a matching Calorimetry as she uses the other one I made her last year, and everyone likes to match :-)

So, the Clapotis, as I posted, is huge. 220 cm in the end! I did lots more central repeats than the pattern called for. Partly becuase when I took it up at Christmas I was about to start the decrease section, but Soph wanted it longer. I hope it is OK to wear.

The yarn I used was Fleece Artist Organic Wool in Ruby. Picked by Soph. I found a few yarns that would be suitible and let her pick. All were either organic or British (or both!). This one was recommended by the shop (Purlescence) owner via Ravelry. It was really nice to work with, and comes in huge 250g hanks. Thats way too big for my ball winder to cope with, so there was some hand winding that had to be done. I still have a decent amount left, despite the enormous Clapotis and the Calorimetry. It spit-spliced well, but in that sized skein there was only one join! Heaven. The dying was really nice. Subtly variagated.

The Calorimetry was knit with just 100 (I think - check my Ravelry entry) stitches cast on, as the previous one was a bit big, and my family have small heads. It fit me well, and I had a toggle button left from the last one which worked well.


Doesn't really work for me now I've had the hair cut off, but you can get the idea:


I'll have to see if Soph will give me a photo of them in action!

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