Sunday, 28 June 2009

Out of the dye-pot

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So the madder experiment was a success! The skeins were left in the dye pot overnight. When we got up this morning I removed the bags of madder, but we had to dash out to the farmers market. So rinsing was done after we got back.

As with the log wood there is still some dye washing out after many rinses, but I have acid dyed yarn from other people that is still bleeding even after knitting and repeated wearing/washing! Unlike the logwood there was still dye in the bath, so I could have got a paler batch, but I think 3 skeins is enough red yarn for me!

The colouring is slightly uneven. There are darker patches where the yarn sat on the bags of madder for too long at the start, and paler patches where I tied it a bit tight, but not into the variegated league. To be honest I like a slight variation, especially in something hand-dyed. You can get perfectly solid colour from factories.

Once again I am blown away by the vibrancy from natural dyes! When the madder skeins are fully dry (didn't want to leave them out in the sun TOO long) I will have to do a photo shoot with the logwood.

The yarn is 75% new wool, 25% nylon sock yarn, 100g/400m, just in case you are interested in obtaining one of these ;-)

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tinebeest said...

You are quite right: one can get perfect solids from commercial yarn factories.

But you are making some really nice stuff! And I love the semi-solid/ variegated look of hand dyed. And the fact that these came from some woodchips. (well, very specially selected wood chips, but still...)