Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Thanks to Ravelry (and here!) I think I know that I can fix my lace knitting, but I set it aside for the day as today was clearly not a lace day. 

However, as I was putting it all away, I realised I have somehow snapped the yarn! Argh! I can join new yarn and weave in ends of course, but that never works as well on lacy things, and I could have completed the whole thing without needed to do this. How on EARTH did I manage that? I am a moron.

Lesson well and truly learnt, world!


Christina said...

Could you try spit-splicing it? Eunny posts a good tutorial at the bottom of this page: http://www.eunnyjang.com/knit/2006/01/steeking_chronicles_the_should.html

tinebeest said...

Russion join, or spit-splicing. I used the latter in the shawl for my mum, silk/merino mix and it worked well. Even weaving in ends doesn't show up as badly as you think once you stretch the lace out.