Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Japanese Giraffes Progress

Five stars to Aberdonian's pattern! This motors along nicely, the pattern is split into a row 4-repeat, which is a nice chunk that you can get done fairly quickly, so I can pick it up, knit four rows and drop again very easily. The fact that the lace pattern is resticted to three panels means there is always the straight bit to knit fast and not think in (only 11 stitches at a time, but it helps!).

I think you can see the lace a bit better now:

japanese giraffe3

japanese giraffe4

The Noro is quite fun too. Much longer colour changes than most striping yarn, and much more subtle. The fun part is peering through the yarn ball to see what colours are coming up... I can just see some green poking through!


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