Monday, 28 December 2009

healing socks

healing socks3
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Apparently I didn't post my finished socks! These are the spiralling socks pattern from The Knitter. Lots of new things for me here, knitting toe-up, after thought heel, and the spiralling method (thought up by Grumperina I think).

Loved the toe-up method, although the turkish cast on was tricky without 2 circs! I bought some for sock number 2! They are a bit short, but not too short, and I like the afterthought heel.

Shame the 2nd sock found a knot in on of the balls of yarn, which gives a disjointed effect, but I still like them.

The Zauberball was interesting, a bit thick and thin in places, and doesn't strike me as particularly hard wearing. Love the effect though!

When they were washed they twisted a bit, probably due to the spiralling nature of them.

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Alice said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL (like the other WIP pair too)