Sunday, 13 December 2009

A hat for Pip

Originally uploaded by cob_web

I have no idea what to get my friend for Christmas, especially since she said she doesn't want anything for herself, and she can't eat diary at the moment so chocolates are out and she doesn't drink alcohol. So I decided to knit a hat for her baby, Pip. Pip is 7 (probably 8 now) months old, and the pattern (Umbilical cord hat from Stitch n Bitch) was for up to 6 months. So I added an inch in diameter and knit for a bit longer before decreasing.

I hope it fits!


Aberdonian said...

She'll be so cute in it!

tinebeest said...

And if it doesn't fit, Pip will grow into it :-)

zeb said...

You can see the finished item - including baby - here:

Thanks cob_web, it's gorgeous and she loves it!