Sunday, 29 November 2009


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I'm making lots of little aliens to add to gifts at Christmas. I am putting them on keychains as they are small enough. I think they are really cute! Being me I want to knit them all out of different yarn, but its proving tricky! The pattern calls for DK, but I just don't have much DK. As each one only takes about 10g of yarn I can't really justify buying yarn, even the cheapo stuff is more than £1.50 a ball - and that is for 100g! I don't need 100g!

Sock yarn doubled is working OK, but it is very tight to knit. I could go up a bit to 3.25mm, but then they'll be larger, and I like them being very mini.


Aberdonian said...

They are so so cute!

Kate said...

They are adorable. :-D