Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dyeing again

I've been doing some acid-dyeing today, in theory it is less faff than natural dying, but you know, its really not! Its equally unpredictable.

I had one nice result with some purple and black yarn, but the sea-green variegated yarn I was going for hasn't worked at all. In fact, it didn't hold onto the dye at all well, and I have green hands! I stopped using gloves for rinsing as the yarn always soaked up all the dye. I guess I'll go back to using gloves in future!

I'll have to assess the colour in daylight when it is all dried out (so probably next weekend then now winter is creeping up!), but currently I don't like it, its just a mid-green, very plain. I might try over-dying one skein and leave the other.

We shall see!

1 comment:

tinebeest said...

Looking forward to the pictures! Don't forget to take one of your green fingers :-)