Friday, 20 March 2009

Baby Booties

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I've knitted a couple of baby hats in the days before digital camera and Ravelry, but those were sent to internet people, and I never even got a thanks, so I was put off knitting baby things. Not that I think you have to be thanked, but when a lot of work goes into things it is a bit disappointing to get no acknowledgement, especailyl when you see others getting it :-/

ANYWAY. so these are the first baby things I have knit for a long time. I know the baby in question isn't going to want for anything, but I was ill and really needed something small and fast to do. So here we go! These are knit with DK, when the pattern is for 4-ply. So they will probably be too big for the little one when she comes along, but hopefully she will grow into them. I have so much yarn I might knit two pairs.


Ginger Knits said...

I love the colours you've used.

ZEB said...

I love them! And I'm sure baby will too, if she ever decides to arrive :-) At the rate she's growing at the moment they'll fit her perfectly...