Friday, 13 March 2009

Ferg's hat

Fergs hat2
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After I knitted Ferg an ipod cosy, he got very excited and demanded a hat. So we went to hobbycraft after work and managed to find some half-decent yarn of the right weight. It was Sirdar Peru Naturals. So I did him a basic ribbed beanie, following a Wooly Wormhead pattern.

I used just over half a ball of the blue and just under half of the white, and apparently his brother wants a matching one...

Peru naturals is quite a nice yarn given its high acrylic content. Its not really spun though, at times it felt like knitting with narrow strips of fleece! The white was noticeably finer than the blue as well. I know the dye can have an effect on yarn qualities, but thats the first time I have seen it in action. I kept having to check the ball-bands to check I hadn't got two different weights of the same yarn by mistake!

Ferg has promised me a photo of it in action on the slopes when he goes snowboarding with his little brother in a few weeks.

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