Thursday, 7 February 2008

What a wonderful surprise!

Isn't Ravelry great? Just before christmas I got a message from someone in the US who had seen yarn in my stash and wondered if it matched her dylot so she could finish knitting a cardigan. Well, by some fluke it DID, BUT I had mostly used it up on some christmas knitting and had forgotten to update the fact. I found 2 small left-overs. I think it came to just over 30g in total, which I was more than happy to send to a knitter in need!

Well today, guess what was waiting for me when I got home? Some of the gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn I was eyeing up before christmas!! How lovely was that? I felt a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of a complete stranger, not only that but I can only assume she did a bit of Rav/Blog stalking to discover that I was coveting it :-) What a lovely, lovely thing to do. Kind of restores your faith in humanity!

Its dark now so I can't take a photo (I may take it to work tomorrow to do so as I can't wait to get it on Ravelry and show you lot). I can't seem to see any yarn on the shop's webpage any more, but I posted about it here

*big cheesy grin*

Thank you rincaro.

Oh, and apparently it was dyed up especially for me! How cool is that?!

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Alice said...

That is such a lovely thing to do. But I think you were kind to her too. Knitters are such nice people.