Sunday, 10 February 2008


So, I'm knitting Forever Green (Ravelry link) again for my sister, and thought I'd post about somthing that bugged me the last I did it, and is bugging me even more now I'm knitting it for someone else.

Its the decreases. The first photo -->

shows the GOOD side, where I have used K2tog along the V-neck line. This looks fine.

The problem is shown in the 2nd picture below. I followed the advice in SnB and mirrored the decreases, so on the other side I used SSK.

As you can see it looks crap. Not a nice neat change in direction as in picture one.

What am I doing wrong?


Elizabeth said...

Are you slipping your stitches knitwise or purlwise? That may make a difference. I think I've read somewhere that some people like to slip on stitch knitwise and the other purlwise - that may have been in Sensational Knitted Socks.

dresda said...

Also, I think its just a tension issue, when hoiking the slipped stitch over the knitted one it probably gets stretched and looks bigger. How about slipping both purlwise, putting them back on the first needle, and knitting them together.