Saturday, 19 January 2008

Knitting Accessories

I never got round to posting about the needle-holder my mum made me for christmas. I asked for a circular needle holder, as although I don't use circs very often I have still managed to obtain quitea few and wanted them all in one place rather than floating around my needle-drawer. So I found a couple of examples on etsy and sent the links to my mum. We were having a £5 present challenge, so I thought this was something she could make me from her fabric stash or something. Anyway, she came up with this:

Isn't it great? There is space for 9 circs, although I've doubled up in some pockets. Its just what I wanted, and as ever her sewing is perfect. My mum is so good with her sewing machine I often feel that I should do more sewing, but I haven't touched a machine since I was at school. Lack of storage space means we can't have one in the house unfortunately.

Next up are some Brittany cable needles I picked up when I went to the LYS to get 4mm DPNs for the Fetchings I made for Gran. The shop sadly didn't have any wooden or bamboo dpns in 4mm so I had to settle for metal ones. But then these caught my eye:

The basic cable needles I already have are just like dpns really - only there is just one of them. The advantage of these guys is that they are really SHORT. Which was helpful doing the fetchings as I found cabling on dpns quite fiddly at times. They also have a slight bulge at each end to help keep your stitches from falling off. Brilliant! The pack of three cost me £2.75 which I didn't think was bad.

Obviously the legendarily crap Brittany packaging is a bit annoying though.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really nice needle roll! Lucky you!