Monday, 29 October 2007

Scarf of Doom

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Urgh! I'm really starting to understand people's hatred of eyelash yarn now!

I'm not a yarn snob. I'll knit with anything that I like the look of, and have often been taken aback by people's attitudes in that direction. I got lots of this yarn VERY cheap and though it would make quick and easy scarves for christmas, especially since we have a £5 limit this year.

I have already knit 2 scarves in similar yarn and one in slightly different stuff and I am GOING MAD. I HATE IT. It makes life so difficult! In this scarf (imaginitively titled "Xmas Scarf 4") I've tried a few new stitch techniques - wrapping the yarn and then dropping it on the next row, and some basic lace techniques - but you can't see any of it obviously. *sigh*.

I tried using my mini Loopa for a break but taht was just as annoying. I will persevere, cos otherwise I'll be left with piles of the stuff and no christmas presents, but excuse me if I need to let of a bit of steam now and then!

I won't be doing eyelash again in a hurry.

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