Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A finished object

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Welcome to the jumper from hell.

When I bought SnB Nation (it was in the flat, so over a year ago now) Matt saw the Bam13 jumper and expressed his liking of it. So I decided to knit it for him. I know, dangerous!

I managed to track down a job lot of Sirdar snowflake (which appears to have been discontinued) and shelled out for the Collinette Tagliatelli. Matt didnt want such big holes, so I bought 15mm needles instead of 20. Off I went.

It wasn't great fun to knit but I persevered. I had to make up the neckline as my guage was so different from the pattern. Matt also wanted a smaller neck than in the pattern.

I knit everything to the lengths in the pattern, but they were fractionally too short, so lengethened everything. Then it was fianlly finished (after MUCH faffing with lengths etc, plus I HATE sewing up).

Then came the doom bit... I "blocked" it. I use quotes becuase it was a disaster. Took ages to dry even in the airing cupboard, b ut he wanted to show it off at one of my family gatherings, so we took it with us even though it was slightly damp. Because it wasn't dry we still hadn't realised... until he put it on.

It came to his knees!! My first real knitting disaster unveiling infront of the entire female section of my family. Mum, aunt and Gran have all knitted in thier lives. Utter embarrasment!!

I was very aprehensive about shortening it, cos it was knit bottom up.

So it sat in a heap for a few weeks.

Finally I plucked up the courage and got the scissors out. Undid the seam and cut off a whole chunk of the bottom. Unravelled a few rows, picked up the stitches and knitted downwards. It was a bit nightmarish at first but in the end it was fine. The sleeves weren't as bad.

So it finally got done.

Oh, I had to make the neck openeing shorter, so I picked up stitches all round it and added a few extra rows in the round. I can see where I did this but most people say they can't.

In the end it didn't turn out too badly, but its a good job its supposed to look a bit rought and ready!!

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