Sunday, 5 July 2009


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Earlier this week I did some experimenting. Unfortunately I lost track of what was what :-/

I have here fustic, common horsetail and tansey. The pink is madder exhaust. I used some organic 100% merino, and it definitely feels nicer than the superwash sock yarn. Not sure about the wisdom of knitting socks with no nylon in though. I was kind of hoping that the four colours would go together and I could knit some socks using the spiral technique to combine the yarns, but the pink doesn't go. No idea what do with these now, they aren't my kind of colours at all!


Aberdonian said...

From that pic I'd say you can use them together. They are nice.

tinebeest said...

I agree with Aberdonian: if the colours on my monitor are what you have in real life, they will actually go together. Perhaps you can use a small amount of the pink to accentuate, not as an equal proportion in colour?

EZ suggests carrying a thin nylon thread along with pure wool on the heel and toe of the sock, to combine the virtues of both. If it's not superwash, that merino may felt a bit in those spots and provide extra durability, anyway.

I have a special place for horsetail in my heart. Well, more my shoulder: I used to boil the plant (dried or fresh) for 3 mins, and have a cup of that infusion every day for a month or so, when my shoulder's scars (from surgery) hurt with the approach of rain. Very handy in the run-up to the monsoon season in Korea.