Thursday, 14 May 2009

Yarn yarn yarn yarn...

So, I'm back from Japan. It already feels like a distant memory :-( It was absolutely fantastic, and we are still sorting through the photos. Or would be if we didn't both have the ill.

I did some crazy yarn buying while I was there. In Kyoto I went to Avril (known as Habu everywhere else) and bought some of thier yarn with stainless steel so I could make Sea Tangles
It was a cute little shop, with people sat around knitting. There was lots of lovely yarn, but it was all quite pricy. Of course, I forgot to check how much I needed, and what the yarn was called. But MAtt encouraged me, so with the help of the phrase book I got the message across. I ended up buying two 100g cones of grey and one of black... when I got back to the hotel I found out I only needed about 90g for the jumper! Doh!


In Japan they seem to sell yarn by the gram quite a lot, so once I had said how much I wanted I had to wait while it was wound by a machine for me! Quite cool. It was VERY expensive. Lets not got there...

On the cheaper side I found one of the fantastic 7 floor craft stores was having a Noro sale, so I got 2 balls of the kureyon sock yarn for half the price you get it in the UK.



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Kate said...

Love the idea of buying yarn by the gram. :-) And you saved money buying the Noro yarn, so it cancels out the expensive purchase, no? ;-)