Monday, 22 September 2008

Knitting Dilemma

Argh! A friend gave me the new computer game Spore on Friday and I am now addicted, and it is eating up my knitting time.

The other dilemma is that while I have lots of projects on the needles right now (Matt’s socks , Flicca , Sheldon ) it suddenly occurred to me that the best thank you token I could give to the person making my wedding dress would be to make her something in return. I have a ball of purple yarn I bought ages ago to make myself a pair of fetchings, and being of elegant gothic persuasion I thought a pair of purple fingerless gloves would suit her well for the coming autumn. I know she walks to work now.

Having said that red is more her colour, but I only have nasty acrylic in red. Which wouldn’t make nice gloves. I am going to hobbycraft on my way home today so I shall see if they have anything red, if not it shall be purple.

I really don’t think I can get these done by Saturday though, especially with Spore on my mind… :-D

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Sorry for infecting you with my Spore addiction... actually, no... I'm not sorry at all ;)