Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Not much to report recently. I had a small dying disaster at the weekend, but I haven't taken photos yet. People may like them more than I so I shall still offer them for sale.

Sold some yarn to the lovely Gok from the cowshed - can't wait to see it knitted up!

Matt gets to go to Vancouver in a couple of weeks for a conference. I am INSANELY jealous. Currently planning a shopping list for him. Any suggestions on the yarn front? He may not have time, but its looking like he might have 3 FREE days, so he bloody well better manage to fit in a bit of compensational shopping on my behalf!

Had my first attempt at felting a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit of a disaster, I promose to post a full report.

Matt's socks are boring me (stocking stitch socks are fine with self-patterning/variagated yarn. Less so with plain!) and flicca is progressing slowly.

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